A downloadable game for Windows

A small game made by a 13 year old that will almost literally run on a potato where you shoot people in the wild west.

That was the short version, if that sounds retarded to you, try it, it's free, or don't waste your time.

I made this game myself, literally every line of code, engine and all. I am 13, and hope you enjoy my game with a budget of $0.00. First game I'm posting.

Will it run on your PC?

Confirmed it works on XP through 10, and probably will work on 2000 through 95. (But I cannot test that, if you can, please do and tell me if it works)

Shoot the enemies, and tell me in the comments what stuff you think should be added, tweaked, etc.

Donations would be greatly appreciated.

Install instructions

Once you download the zip file, right click and select "extract all" or similar button. You might want to make a shortcut on the desktop, so right click on Derp32.exe, click create shortcut and click and drag the shortcut to the desktop.

To play, either use the shortcut, or use Derp32 itself.

If you encounter issues, press Alt + Enter to toggle full screen/windowed modes, which can fix errors.

Have fun!


Explodey Kaboom.zip (161 kB)

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